ش￾رقى￾ تۈركىستان سۈرگۈندى ھ￾كۈمىتىنىڭ ئ￾لچىس￾
1325 G Street NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20005
On behalf of the People of East Turkistan, we would like to send our peaceful
greetings to the United States and Germany, two of the leading supporters and
protectors of democracy and human rights across the world.
On Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019, your representatives to the United Nations raised the
issue of Chinese Occupied East Turkistan and the brutal massacres, ethnic
cleansing, and other forms of oppression being perpetrated by China at a closed
session at the United Nations Security Council, calling on the UN Security Council
to discuss these issues. In regard to this, the East Turkistan Government-in-Exile
sends its gratitude and thanks to the United States and Germany.
As your representatives said, according to reports, if a decision by the UN
Security Council is not made on the East Turkistan issue, then the brutal
massacres and ethnic cleansing will not stop. Thus, the East Turkistan
Government-in-Exile thoroughly supports your position. We would also like to
bring to your attention another fact: the issue of East Turkistan is not an issue of
China’s “internal affairs,” as Chinese diplomats often claims, for East Turkistan is
separate, distinct, occupied state, and has been since 1949.
If East Turkistan’s independence is not restored, then the people of East
Turkistan will not be saved from being eradicated, and the people of the world
will not be safe from the Chinese threat. We urge you all nations throughout the
Free World to recognize East Turkistan as a “captive nation,” and to support
peaceful democracy, resistance, and Independence movements throughout China
and the regions it occupies.
With gratitude and respect,
Salih Hudayar
Ambassador to the United States
East Turkistan Government-in-Exile
Email: بۇ ئېلخەت ئادرېسى ئەخلەت يوللانمىدىن ساقلىنىش پىروگراممىسى تەرىپىدىن قوغدالغان بولۇپ، سىز JavaScript نى قوزغاتسىڭىز ئاندىن كۆرەلەيسىز.
Tel. No.: +1 (202) 489-0741

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