Friday May 26, 2017

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          President                                            Ahmatjan OSMAN

          Vice President                                    Hizirbek GAYRETULLAH

          Parliamentary Chairman                      Kuresh ATAHAN

          Parliamentary Vice Chairman              Ilyar SHEMSHIDIN


          Prime Minister                                    Ismail CENGIZ

          Deputy Prime Minister                       Ghulam Osman YAGHMA

          Deputy Prime Minister                       Yakup CAN

          Minister of Foreign Affairs                 Ablajan LEYLINAMAN

          Minister of Interior                             S. Serkan DINCTURK

          Minister of Culture                             Mahire GHOPUR

          Minister of Finance                             Yarmemet BUGHRA


          Spokesperson                                     Rukiye TURDUSH


          Counsellor of Prime Minister              Damian RAHMET

          Counsellor of Prime Minister              Abdusalam ABDUSEMIH        

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