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July 30,2015, 10pm EST

Contact: East Turkistan Government in Exile, 647 210 0709

East Turkistan Government-in-Exile regrets and strongly criticizes Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s use of the term terrorism in regarding the Uyghur resistance in East Turkistan, in his current visit in China.

According to an official Chinese news agency report, Erdogan had said: “[The] Turkish government sticks to the one china policy, supports China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and opposes the terrorist activities of East Turkistan Islamic Movement aimed at China.”

In fact, China is connecting all of the Uyghur struggles and resistance activities to the East Turkistan Islamic Movement to justify its ethnic cleansing policy on Uyghurs. Disregarding those Uyghur resistance activities, all of them are purely caused by Chinese oppression and has nothing to do with so called “terror acts of ETIM”.


President Erdogan’s term of “terrorism” referring to ETIM is completely wrong since there no such terrorism exists in East Turkistan.  Mr. Erdogan‘s remarks does nothing but support and furthers China’s ethnic cleansing on Uyghurs.

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